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Thread: excellent passion video somebody made on google

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    Thumbs up excellent passion video somebody made on google

    the video has great background music also

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    Cool, good work.

    The sound is a bit distorted...

    And you must of run out of ideas to make a video about that

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    I'm sorry but it's rubbish!

    The images are from the Mel Gibson's multi million dollar christian promo film "Passion of the christ" So, of course they're going to be technically perfect. Just like all action movies the cinematography and effects are top notch. In the original film the script is incredibly naff and full of cheap pathos and emotion-manipulating scenes, just like most hollywood action blockbusters, and this comes across in this music video.

    The music is also a big-budget production with a full orchestra and a well known religious singer (I think it was Sandy Patty) so it's not surprising that the song's also emotional (and quite tacky actually but if you' like Celine Dion's theme for Titanic, you'll like this).

    So the multi-million dollar shots were edited badly to a mega-bucks song, hence my comment of "rubbish".

    Edit: I suggest you get an original script, original footage or original music and create something new.
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    This section of the site is for critical, and hopefully helpful feedback on videos you have yourself made - pretty much anything goes but posting 'you tube' favs, however worthy (ahem) aint really what this bit of the site is for.

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