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Thread: Sony HDD/Vegas 7 newbie question

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    Default Sony HDD/Vegas 7 newbie question

    Hello to the group, this is my first post. I recently got interested in digital video editing, after playing around with my HI8 cam and windows movie maker for a while I upgraded to a Sony DCR-SR300 and Sony Vegas 7 with DVD architect 4.0.

    Before I get beat up for asking a question that was asked prior, I have searched the forum and couldn't find what I was looking for. I seen the question had been asked about rendering MPEG-2 video from a HDD camera, but it wasn't clear on the best way to do it.

    As I understand it, MPEG-2 is the format that a DVD is in, and it is the format in which my video is in off my HDD camera. After transitions and such have been added it has to be rendered to add these items correct? So in the course of this you lose some quality correct? If you are going to burn this video as a DVD I'm guessing you would keep it in MPEG-2 format, and not in AVI format. Any suggestions on how to minimize loss of quality when it comes time to render for a DVD? If I edit several scenes, render them as MPEG-2 and then add them all together for the final movie, I'll have to re-render all of them and in the process will lose even more quality correct? So as to say it would be best to keep it all as one large project and render it as one at the end? There are so many options, and of course the manual does not explain each in detail.

    Also, if you are going to render in several different formats, say MPEG-2 for a DVD, WMV for the net, and IPOD or PSP, would you want to render each from the original project file, or would it be faster to do it from the first MPEG-2 rendering for the DVD? Would I lose even more quality from this?

    Thanks for the help, sorry for the lengthy question, if you have any good sony vegas tutorials please post a link, I have read several and seen some videos as well.

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    Hi welcome!
    The problem you have here is that your HDD camera has already compressed your video to MPEG so when you put it into vegas and rerender to MPEG, Vegas will compress it again.Double Hit!..You could use a programme like Womble to edit your camera footage and it will do it without a quality hit. Failing that, dump the HDD camera and buy a DV camera that will give you tapes which you can edit in Vegas as AVI.
    Probably not what you wanted to hear in reply to your first post but, as someone said here or elsewhere....HDD cameras should come with a Government Health Warning. They are not good for supplying raw footage for programmes like Vegas.

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    Ok, well that is not too much of a problem for me, I was set on the HDD cameras for the ease of use and lack of tapes or dvds so I was willing to take the trade off. I just wanted to make sure I did what I could to keep the quality as best I could. I saw the post for womble, I'll check it out, but im sure it lacks the some of capiblities of vegas.

    Would Adobe Premier be a better choice, or does it do the same thing? Also, say im going to make a montage, and I want to chop up the videos into small clips and then piece them together on the timeline at a later time, would it be best to save each as a .veg file and then put them together and render them? This way I would not render each one, then put them together and render them again?

    Thanks again for your help, sorry for the noob questions. I really enjoy my DCR-SR300, comming from a HI8 it looks amazing to me! LOL No worries about it being a HDD


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    "I really enjoy my DCR-SR300, comming from a HI8 it looks amazing to me!".....
    What a great comment!
    Making movies is all about what you generate in your head....ideas...imagination....wonderful!!!
    So many posts on forums like this are about.."How do I download from utube??
    You have a camera you're happy with.....and you're generating your own material. FANTASTIC!
    ...(You didn't say what your end usage was going to be...but Hey! What the Heck!.)
    [B]GO FOR IT![B]
    It doesnt really matter a toss what format your camera is......GO AND EXPERIMENT!! and as you're a movie maker rather than a a movie ripper ....PM me any time about any tips you need on lighting, audio, colour correction, etc.
    ....Oh and..I guess all NLE's will be the same as vegas i.e rerendering MPEG files

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    I believe all other programs re-render, best to use the highest quality possible if going to DVD, as long as it is not longer then an hour, then that could not be a problem

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    Hey Scott

    I too have a Sony HDD camera. On Vegasarian's advice, I downloaded the software from Womble, which allows you to edit MPEG II and render with absolutely NO quality loss. It's a great little program and very easy to use. It's called MPEG VIDEO WIZARD DVD - I've had great results with it. It's definitely worth investigation.

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    Thanks kewleb, I saw your post where they suggested Womble, I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I will for sure. I am a bit shocked that Vegas does not have this capability seeing that it is from Sony who makes a large majority of the HDD cameras. I have been able to edit the MPEG2 videos with Vegas, but it is a bit time consuming, the .veg project files are slow to load when I get ready to sit down for a session. I just rendered my first edited video, first as MPEG2 and then the audio, then used DVD Architect to burn it. The quality seemed fine, but I will have to do the same with Womble and compare. Kewleb, have you had any luck changing the format from MPEG2 to DV AVI and then editing it with Vegas or something similar? I haven't been able to find a good program to convert the MPEG2 files yet. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Hi Scott

    No, I've not tried to convert my mpeg II to DV AVI. Like yourself, I used Vegas to edit and render my movie and then burnt a dvd using Architect, but I could definitely see a deterioration in quality in the final result. Like I've mentioned before, there was a soft focus effect on the final dvd, almost like a heat haze effect on some of the video.

    The Womble software is not as sophisticated as Vegas, from what I can see, but it's very newbie friendly The quality remains the same from beginning to end of project. It even tells you what parts it's going to re-compress and the parts it's not going to touch (ie the mpeg II video) I've only been doing pretty basic editing, so it suits me fine

    I must say though and I'm sure you'll aggree, the video quality from these HDD Handycams is superb, even if it is technically compressed video.

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    Yes I would agree, I think the video looks great! I have a friend who owns his own production company, he does extream sports films and he is quite impressed with the quality. He uses some Sony DV equipment for his films, his equipment was purchased prior to the HDD stuff comming out. I'll give Womble a try and see how it looks. Keep in touch and we'll trade ideas and anything we experiment with. I would like to try to convert the MPEG2 video to DV AVI and see how the editing process with Vegas differs, along with the quality.


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