Recently, I purchased Adobe Premiere Elements to assist me in importing, modifying and editing DVD home videos. I used the 'Get Media From' feature to import a video from my DVD. After saving file onto the hard drive, when I attempt to preview the saved file, a small preview video dialog box appears and begins the play the video. When the video starts, there are 4 green lines (2 light green and 2 dark green) which appear at the bottom of the video preview window. Also, while the video is playing, I see some video distortion at the bottom and right edges of the window. Initially, only one image appears in the window. However, if I fast forward the video, duplicates of the same video image appear side by side.

When I play the same DVD using my computer DVD player software, no distortions either in color or playback appear. The green lines and image distortion only appears when using the Video Preview feature in Adobe Premiere Elements.

Workstation is a Dell Latitude with 1 GB of RAM, Windows XP Professional SP2 and 60GB hard drive. No other applications are running in the background. Screen resolution is set to 1024x768, 32bit color.