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    Default a snowboarding video

    I am working on putting together a full length snowboarding film. This would be in place after a short title screen... this would be the intro I suppose. I want to get someopinions on it, even though it is relatively low res. DL it here at:

    Please let me know what you think... PS: it was all done on premier 6.0, and I have a sony VX1000.

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    Wow... nobody even watched it...? :cry: :cry: :cry:

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    Ooops, forums have been a bit slow the last few days I did have a butchers when you posted. I think my only thought was it seemed a tad strange that the Picture in Picture video had to be broken a few times to watch the behind. Maybe it would be good to scroll the PIP along one the left third rather that the lower third?

    I can't really remember much else, but I'll have another look last night. I'm pretty sure I thought it looked cool though...
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    i odnt like the tunes
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    link doesnt work neither does save target
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