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Thread: Not a video, but a quick question.

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    Default Not a video, but a quick question.


    Does anybody know anything about a Synchronicity license with regard to making music videos? I'm only asking because I've been asked about it and I've got to say I've never heard of it before.

    What's the score when making a music video when it comes to rights and licensing?


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    I googled it and found THIS. Nothing related to video though.

    (I moved your thread to the correct part of the forum too)

    EDIT - We had a discussion about copyright stuff HERE a while ago. If you use the search function at the head of the page, you'll most likely fine other threads too.
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    Thanks Turn Media, thought it would be in the wrong section but never thought of the off topic board. Thanks for the link too. I did a search in the forum, but didn't find what I was after specifically but cheers anyway.


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