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    Default Drag Racing Video - Santa Pod

    Hi There,

    Thanks to chasecam UK and Santa Pod we made a little clip of one of our clients. GT Culture racing.

    Apologies to the white balance, this was all good before it went online with Youtube.

    click here

    That weekend it broke the European Record set by a 4WD car.

    I have asked a few friends who don't know anything about motor racing and what they though of it already and they suggested I cut the warm up of the car from the start. It's essential and has been requested by the client to be kept in.

    Other than that, please feel free to be critical as I want to see if we can improve more.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Keep the warm up, but maybe make the titles faster at the begining.

    If you could squeeze in an in-car shot of the launch, or from slightly earlier on in the run that could be nice, to get a feel of the acceleration from inside.

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    I agree with the above.

    Also considor asking them to repeat the run a few times and film from a fw angles, then cut together.

    Asking them to crash would be cool too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    Asking them to crash would be cool too.
    Notes all taken aboard although i don't think the comment above is in good taste considering someone died at the track a couple of months ago due an accident.

    Thanks all the same.
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