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Thread: exporting w/ custom frame rates?

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    Default exporting w/ custom frame rates?

    hi everyone.

    i've just been editing away at this video and i'm trying to export it at 45fps so it plays nice and smooth.

    in file>export>movie>settings>video

    my settings are:

    compressor: none

    color-depth: millions of colors+

    frame size: 1024-560

    frame rate: this is where my problem is, the dropdown tab has options 1fps - 30fps but nothing higher, and i can't put in my own custom values.

    It says in premiere help, "Some codecs support a specific set of frame rates." I've tried all of the default codecs in the "compressor" tab and they didn't give me any higher fps options...

    if anyone can help, thanks in advance...

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    Choose quicktime - animation and you will have a framerate upto 60fps, the file will be massive though.

    If the footage is any good the human eye can't detect much over 18fps, one of the reasons film was set at 24 fps is because our ears are more sensitive and can detect audio distortion at lower fps. You may end up with blurry video because of frame blending and movement interpolation.
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