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Thread: Vegas Problems

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    Default Vegas Problems

    I need some help. I gone through the discussion board and i still haven't figured out my problem. Vegas keeps getting hung up on the splash screen. It gets to initializing UI... part on the splash screen and just freezes everytime. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. I have unistalled all my recent Windows Updates and it still get stuck on the same part on the splash screen. Does anyone have an idea to get Vegas to work. I've gone to sony's website and did eveything they said to try and it still won't work. I have downloaded the new update and installed that. I'm out of ideas and need this program really bad.
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    This sounds really ugly! Sorry to hear this . .

    However, have you tried ctrl+shift+restart Vegas. This DOES reset everything to factory defaults. You WILL loose your preference settings - no biggie, I sometimes have to do this if I have not cleaned my OS for sometime.

    Try it and get back.

    Have you done any housekeeping lately? I had a really bad case of 7% available use on my system drive this week. Fool me!

    I had temp proxy-nesting files and the like constipating the loading of my system. How free is your system drive? How much available space for your programs is there to thrash about in?

    If needed, try cleaning up your drive/s. Switch off AV progs.

    As a last thought there WAS a glitch with an ".exe" file . .what was it? it was something like - wow . .. exe - or something like that? Others may remember. But that was also hanging a Vegas load. But you may have a version of Vegas that is without that impediment. Dunno ?

    - g

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    OK, back in the day . . this was an issue with V5 and V6. Maybe just maybe . .

    Do you have scanners or TWAIN devises attached? If so do 2 things for me:

    #1 - When - IF - Vegas hangs again please see in your OS if this gets loaded: WOWEXEC.exe

    #2 - Do a file search, and please report back. if you have - twain_32.dll or TWAIN_32.dll - apparently there IS a difference.

    Let's get it on!!

    In any event, I have disabled the splash screen apearing within Preferences. You can do that too! When Vegas eventually fires-up!

    - g

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    It's strange because I had it installed a little over a week ago and it was working fine. It just started one day and keeps doing it. I tried to restore the default settings and that didn't work. I have 30 gigs free on my hard drive. I did a disk defrag and cleaned all my temp internet files. I haven't installed any other programs that would cause a problem. I did have automatic updates turned on so i'm think windows updates got installed. I went into control panel and uninstalled all recent window updates and that didn't help either.

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    WOWEXEC.exe is not running when Vegas hangs up. I did a search and found twain_32 in my C:\Windows file. I remove the twain_32 and it still hangs up on the splash screen. I'm open for any suggestions.

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    You got a Canon Scanner connected? - I'm trying!!

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    I don't have a canon scanner or any other device connected to my computer.

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    You got me beat.

    Open a ticket with Sony Support.

    I hope you get some good news.

    Best regards,


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    Quote Originally Posted by ztungnah View Post
    I don't have a canon scanner or any other device connected to my computer.
    I think that I know your problem if it's not too late. You have a stuck because a plugin error. Your kit is not a good one and when you start the vegas it stuck at one of the plugin. Take the name of the plugin indicated at the stuck moment and then go to that part and rename it just to pass over it and start again. Take care because it could be more than just one corrupted plugin, do the same thing for each one. You must debug and investigate, because your kit could be a bad one, or your windows needs to be reinstalled.

    good luck and come back with any news.

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