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    hi..i am serwet...i met the vegas 2 weeks ago..and i love it...but i have a problem with speed..i mean that how can i get the movie speed faster..i use vegas 7..and it supports +%300 velocity...when i write +%1000 instead of 300 , it turns again can i make it..thanks for your help...bye for now...

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    Using Velocity Envelope that's all you will get. No more. However, for greater velocities . . . .

    Method 1 - SQUASING EVENT
    #1 - Hold down the Ctrl Key

    #2 - Grab either the Start or End of the Event and "squash" the clip.

    (If you s-t-r-e-t-c-h out the Event, "pull" instead of squashing, it goes slower!)

    Method 2 - Render OUT
    . .ANOTHER way is to render the 300% and add ANOTHER Velocity Envelope to that!

    Method 3 - Nesting Veggies
    . . ANOTHER way is to place the original veg inside a NEW veg - "Nesting". Velocity Envelope that . . and then place THAT Veg file inside ANOTHER veg and velocity envelope that one too! . . And so on and so on!

    I've used all 3 methods and achieved some amazing effects. Now, if you ALSO apply motion blur to movement then Vegas starts to show its virtues .. . enjoy!

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