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Thread: I need some help...

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    Default I need some help...

    I have no knowledge of video editing. Now I want to do my own video by myself, but I have a trouble with capture the video from the camera to my laptop. I don't know how to make it. So please give me a tip.
    This is what I have:
    • camera JVC GR-DVL507 - mini DV NTSC
    • a DV cable which I've just bought.
    • a editing cable, a PC connection cable which are provided with a camera.
    So, with all these components above. Please help me to capture the video from the mini DV tape to my laptop.

    BS: My laptop has a DV connector but does not have a PC connector.
    My email:
    I'm look forward to receiving the help.
    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

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    I dont know what you mean by a pc connector or an editing cable - but anyway the way to capture is:
    connect your camcorder to your computer via firewire or usb cable. Preferably firewire for best quality. then open you editing program and turn of your camcorder to vcr/playback mode.
    For premiere you would then go to 'file', 'capture' - not sure about other programs but they are probably similar.
    Once in capture mode you can usually control playback of the camcorder directly thorough the computer. You can either capture the whole tape, part of it or you can set up a batch capture list using timecode on the dv tape.
    much easier with a computer

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    thank you odroller...I'll try doing your direction.
    But, is there anything I could do with a DV cable, can I use it to capture video from camera to laptop?

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    What exactly do you mean by 'DV cable'? Is this a firewire lead?

    And even though you sort of can capture across a USB lead. Just don't. If you do then your next questions to this forum can be predicted with alarming accuracy!

    Only use firewire.


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