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Thread: sliced bread?! this is way better!

  1. Default sliced bread?! this is way better!

    Optimus Maximus keyboard

    check this out........... it is prolly the best keyboard ever!!! totally customisable to any progs shortcut keys and other stuff

    but at over $1,500 i dont think i will be getting one any time soon :( best just wait till someone else makes a copy

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    that is pretty cool. But it isn't really worth getting for the price. My keeboard works just fine for me . and also you probably would never change the settings on it. You would probably just set it to a normal keyboard and then never change it. Then u wasted 1500 dollars.

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    the keyboard settings change according to the prog you are using...... as far as i am aware.

    money well spent

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    i saw this several years ago - it was originally a myth, some guy created tyhe concept as a photoshop image and then someone else patendted the idea and started developing it but there were issues and now several manufacturers are creating them.

    They should go for around 200/$350 - anything more and ur being ripped off.

    Oh how nice would it be to have one though!!!

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    yeah i totally agree the price is bloody silly and 200 would be very reasonable.

    i have searched far and wide for other manufaturers but have found nothing :(

    i have no doubts that in a year or so there will be all kinds of variations on these things.

    personally i think they are such a good idea and would make learning shortcut keys very easy espesially when you are using many progs at the same time. it can sometimes get quite confusing whe you are using photoshop, AF and premiere all at once. this would save me lots of time

    (pppssst.... im trying to get a free one out of them..... maybe if i plug it enough they may be kind and send me one out )

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