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Thread: Premiere 7.0, still images not showing on monitor sequence

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    Default Premiere 7.0, still images not showing on monitor sequence

    I just got premiere 7.0 after using 6.0 for a while, but anyways im working on a video with alot of pictures and i keep running into this problem were "some" photos (almost all are jpg) turn to black or green after rendering.

    Let me explain more in depth, Lets just say i put 5 different photos onto the timeline zoom out so they fit the monitor viewer (i have to zoom out every time on photos, that normal?) After that i render and clip one shows the picture that was put in the timeline but as it plays on the rest of the clips are either showing black or green on the monitor. But when i double click that exact photo in my project folder its there, and if its not rendered it shows the picture.

    please give me some tips of help, there a upgrade out there maybe? to update this bug. Would really appreciate the help running very short on time and i need to fix this dang bug.

    ps. sometimes i use infran view and turn the photos into a bitmap and then some work but sometimes that doesnt even help me.

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    I remember an issue in Premiere Pro 1 (7) a few years ago like this but it did involve a Matroc RT.X100 render card. If you have one and this is a project based on a Matrox preset then I suggest you pop along to the matrox forums where (I'm sure) you can get an answer to this.

    Alternatively, if you do not have a Matrox card then you did rememebr to render the timeline didn't you? If you still have grief and these are truly static images then try resizing them to your project dimensions before importing them or maybe just convert them to a more Adobe-esque format (Photoshop?). See if that helps.

    That's all I have for now.

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    Ya it shows when it isnt rendered viewing it from the monitor, but after i render it and play it it is either black or green. but some photos work some dont.

    Last night adobe crashed and all the files became unrendered so i cut down the render bar and only did the part what was turning black. It ended up working and those photos were visible after rendered so i dragged the bar accross the whole project to render it all.

    After that some old photos that were working now are not working.. (very frusterating) so ya ill go check out those other forums hopefully it will solve the problem...

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    oh and my computer is (incase this is the cause?) Custom built

    Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+
    Processor speed: 1.96 GHz
    RAM: 4096
    Opperating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Video card: Radeon x700 series

    PS. i have no clue what a Matroc RT.x100 render card is?

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