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Thread: AVI streaming on WWW - with a difference

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    Default AVI streaming on WWW - with a difference

    Hi - sorry to start my membership with a question - but this is the scenario:

    I have several AVI files (about 5 - 15 minutes long) that i wish to stream on the www one after the other - thats no problem of course in normal cases, however i wish to stream them "live" - that is, no matter when someone logs on to the website, they will come in just like in a real cinema - in other words, if they have missed the first 10 minutes, then they have to wait untill the video stream starts again.

    I would also like to exchange certain AVI files as needed - replace them so to speak.

    Can anyone help me with what is needed?

    Do i need special software, protocols on the server etc?

    Thanks in advance

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