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Thread: Dazzle Digital Viedo Creator 80

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    Default Dazzle Digital Viedo Creator 80

    I've just brought Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80 and have noticed to my disappointment that the Max Video Resolution is 322x288 my question is this a hardware restriction or could I just use some other software I was hoping to encode at 720x576.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Cable help

    Can you please help, when I'm recording from the video player, I think that the device (Dazzle) can't see the video player, I'm using Windows XP and your software is 1.80 which I have just downloaded and installed.

    The connection I have been given to connect the video player to the Dazzle, is as follows: The cable is connected to the video player using a scart connection, then at the other end there are three leads which are red, white and yellow, which I have connected into the Dazzle into the matching colours.

    Any help would be appreciated as I'm not able to do anything with this device, it does seem to record but there is no image on playback.



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    Jonathan: your problem may well be with the SCART plug/adapter you are using. SCARTs are generally unidirectional (unless specified otherwise) which means that data can only flow through them one way. It sounds like you have a SCART that is capable of delivering video into your VCR rather than out of it. It's possible to get switchable SCART plugs/adapters that allow you to specify whether you want video in or out of the device.

    What makes you think it's recording if you can't see an image on the screen?
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    Smile Dazzle


    Thanks for your advice, I now have it working, i.e I can now see video within the software and can record the video onto the PC.

    However, even though I can see the video as mentioned above and even hear the audio within the software, when I play the recorded video back on the PC, there is no sound whatsoever.

    Any help again would be appreciated.



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