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    Is there a clean way to get rid of the overlay they sometimes put at the bottom of the screen? I don't mind the station ID, but sometimes an ad for what is coming next is distracting.

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    I use a harddisk recorder to record the images from a camera (Something like a securitycam setup) and then I also have a counter on top of the image which I remove afterwards by importing it into premiere pro and zooming in a bit. This is however quite timeconsuming because you have to rerender the whole thing.

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    Thanks. I currently use TMPGEnc to cut the commercials, but for some reason it turns the vid upside down. so I use Movie Maker to remarry the audio/video, and flip it upright. I end up rendering twice anyway.

    When I tried editing commercials with Movie Maker, I often end up with mis-match in the audio/video....sometimes one lagging the other by as much as a few seconds.

    Rerendering is no big deal to me - I just want these files for archival use.

    Thank you.

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