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Thread: Bruce Almighty Turns Water Into Wine

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    Default Bruce Almighty Turns Water Into Wine

    If you've seen Bruce Almighty, and I'm hoping you have, then you must have seen the clip at a big party, right after Bruce has said yes to all prayers, where Bruce is walking through the crowd and pours water from one cup into the other where it is, upon landing, transformed into red wine.

    This can be done with chemicals, I know, but I'm hoping it was done with CG and if it was or even if it wasn't, how do you go about making such an effect using AE (me: 7.0)

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    I would imaging that if it can be done with siple chemicals then that's the way to do it as it;ll likely be cheaper.

    Alternatively, and I'm only thinking out loud here in AE7 do the following.

    Film it as water. Take you clip into AE. mask off the winde carfulyl and apply a simple tint of the correct colour.

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