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Thread: handycam dvd-105 probs

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    hi all,

    total newbie to all this.

    im in the last month of organising a charity event in aid of my 1yr old son who has CF and as part of the event wanted to film a little trailer of what the teams on the event can expect.

    so a rather crude attempt with my camcorder i filmed on route, used a few different discs, some jvc ones & some cheapo's, 2 out of the 5 cheapo's ive used simply wont read on the camcorder ??? yet the others will no probs...i can finalize them no worries......

    is there something im doing wrong or is it a case of you get wot you pay for......

    typically they had some crucial recordings on them.....ive used a pack of them before to record the kids etc and never had a prob so didnt put too much weight into getting genuine ones

    if any one knows a magic formula to retrieve the images or be able to finalze the disc then please please get in touch.



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    My sympathies go out to you Glenn, I know what it's like to loose a recording. I don't use a Mini DVD camcorder myself, I use Mini DV but have lost recordings using the full size blank DVD discs. You can buy 9 boxes of the same disc and everything works fine and then when you buy the 10th box you have problems with them. It seems like a quality control problem and of course there is the old adage, stick with well known brands and you can't go wrong... well, that works 99% of the time. Have you tried playing the discs in another DVD camcorder to see if it will pick them up? As far as I know most home DVD players and recorders won't play discs unless they are finalized. Are there any scratches on the discs or are any of them warped? How old is your camcorder?

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    i have had the recorder for only a few months. My friend who is excellent with computers has the best programmes for software recovery and even he cant pick data up, he said tho, that if you look at the disc the little blue circle that holds the data etc doesnt seem to be there, strange......
    ive resigned myself to the fact its all gone, but thanks anyway

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