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    Hi, I've got another question! This wedding video lark is doing my nut in now! I've just edited a wedding and it's 1hr 25mins. It wouldn't all fit on one DVD even at a Variable bitrate so Im having to put it on 2 discs...but I've bought some 8.5 GB DVD's from a website which I thought I might try. The website said they were compatible with any drive but when I tried one it said it was an incompatible disc for dual layer only. I might be being thick but whats the difference between dual layer and single layer and does anyone know if you can buy single layer 8.5GB DVD'S and has anyone used them?


    Bridget x

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    basicly a dual layer dvd has 2 layers or writable area sort of 2 discs in one, you must not have a dual layer writer otherwise it would have worked.

    however im sure if you transcode your final video correctly you will get 1h30m on a normal dvd, in the past i have had almost 3 hours.... the quality is decreased but not that much that it makes any difference.

    what software are you using to burn your dvd?

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    1.5 hours for a wedding video is quite long.

    No reason why 1.5 hours will not fit ona single layer disk but I just think that's a long wedding video as well.

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    how very true alan..... i really didnte think about it that way i would agree..... a 1.5h wedding video would be hell.


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