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Thread: Assorted miniDV questions from a complete newbie

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    Talking Assorted miniDV questions from a complete newbie

    I should first point out that I am completely new to video editing. In fact I don't have any hardware or software yet, but am looking at buying a consumer minidv camcorder and Production Studo 3 when it comes out. I just have a few questions first:

    1. I'm struggling to imagine the process involved in getting the video from the camcorder to an editable movie on the PC. Is it like dragging files across or more like pressing play on the camcorder and record on the video software?!!!

    2. I'm planning on getting a 'true 16:9' cheapish consumer camcorder (Canon MD150) until I can afford better.

    a) Will this be as high definition as a 4:3 camcorder in its class?
    b) Will there be any problems with transfering widescreen minidv to the softare?

    3. I have some footage on miniDV that was taken by a friend on a s movie camera.

    a) Can I upload this footage to my PC using my el cheapo camcorder?
    b) Will it confuse the camcorder / PC if the camcorder is widescreen but the miniDV recording is 4:3?
    c) Will the quality of the miniDV recording (taken on expensive camcorder) be affected at all by transfering through a cheap camcorder?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Mark Sim

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    1. You connect the camera ti the pc via firewire (NOT usb), then control the camera from the editing/capturing app and play the tape into the computer - job done.

    2a - yes (the pizxels are just wider)
    2b - no, so long as you remember to set the edtor to w screen

    3a- yes, so long as it is dv. Some cams are dvcam, this might not work.
    3b- no
    3c- no

    Welcome to the site - shot reply as i have hurt my arms....

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