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    Hi all, first post in here, so a small introduction is in place perhaps. Well, my nickname is Snaak as you can see, and I just began using After Effects, using these tutorials: Video Copilot Products and Tutorials for Video Professionals I found a link to them in these forums, so thanks go out to the person who posted this.

    However, I've come across a small problem. I was watching this rather cool tutorial and making a similar project, when I found out that I was using a picture (.jpg) that was somehow linked to another image with the same filename, the only difference was that it's got a '2' next to the filename.

    So it looked like this:

    Now the duration of my pictures and composition was rather short, so I wanted to extend it. So, I'm trying to stretch the timeline of each image, but it won't stretch. And when I scrolled down the timeline I noticed the Wall2.jpg came up, but this isn't supposed to happen. Now I've removed the Wall2.jpg from the original folder, but now some sort of error image shows up on the 3D walls.

    So does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance. The forums here look good, by the way

    Heh, I removed the Wall2.jpg from the folder and went to AE, right clicked on the image, selected Replace Footage and reselected the original file, this fixed it. Ah well, it's sorted, I can finish my uber 3D room now hehe.
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