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    I'm asked by the DJ of a nightclub to make a "video" of the new logo, which I also created, to be showed on flatscreens in the nightclub... for tonight!

    But now... I need to know in what kind of extension (.mov, .avi, ...) and in what kind of resolution I need to make that movieclip. Of course this is gonna be done in Flash and not really this forum's stuff, but as it will be shown on a TV I thought people in here would know.

    Thanks in advance!


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    How is it going to be shown in the club. I mean, what equipment is to be used to get it onto the TV screens?

    DVD players? PC's? VCR?

    And how big will the screens be? Are they HD ready?

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    If the video is to be played or projected then DVD is a good bet, as the file can be either played from a DVD player or copied to a PC and projected from there.

    If you know that the file is to be projected via vga output of a PC then the higher resolution of 1024x768 (rather than 720x576 DVD res) will look better, and any format that the computer can playback will do, hi quality .wmv is probably the most universal.

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    Ok, thanks for the replies, but last night it had to be ready and I did a guess... And it came out great! I picked 1920*1080 (widescreen) and did it in several extensions... and the swf came out great! it was nice to see my logo up on those screens!


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