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    I made a clip with a standard codec (Microsoft MPEG-4 (V1) using a screen recorder program. The clip preview displays properly in Premiere Pro 2.0.

    However, in the preview project window, and when exporting the video, it looks like the aspect ratio/dimensions of the video have been squished - causing a distortion of the video.

    I believe it's something to do with my project settings..but I don't know what I have to do to change them so the video will display properly.

    I want the project to have the same dimensions and everything that the video clip does. I need it all to display without losing any quality or distorting.

    ..what am I doing wrong? :S

    Here are a couple of screenshots showing the information I have so far..:

    Okay, this is the information of the clip:

    This is the .avi properties as displayed in Premiere:

    When I bring it into Premiere, this is how it displays in the Program Sequence 01 Window (don't mind the demo box on the clip, it doesnt affect the quality..):

    What setting(s) should I be changing in Premiere to fix this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Do the project settings in Premiere match the source material dimensions? Any of the 'standard' Premiere project settings will be unsuitable for your source material, because your source material is totally non-standard.

    You will need to use custom settings when starting a new project. Specify framerate, dimensions and audio properties that match those shown on your avi clip properties.

    Alternatively, use Windows Moviemaker - it's far less fussy about the clips you give it.
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