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Thread: Questions about PANASONIC NVGS180B

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    Default Questions about PANASONIC NVGS180B

    Hi everyone,
    I have been researching for my first camcorder for a few months now and have a few questions about the PANASONIC NVGS180B.

    1 (For one thing I was wondering why the letters after the 180 varied so much. are they later product revisions?)

    I will be using the camcorder for some amateur filmmaking, so I need to be able to do fairly high quality day shooting, night shooting and animation.
    The reviews I read, such as on Panasonic PV-GS180 Camcorder Review - Panasonic MiniDV Camcorders, state that athough shooting in light conditions provides fantastic results, shooting in darker conditions isn't so good.
    2 I imagine that the reviews make it sound worse than it really is. but how bad is it really, are the results dark or fuzzy?
    3 Would using bright enough artificial lights, solve the problem anyway?

    4 If shooting in the16:9 mode, camcorderinfo says "This results in a significant drop in video sharpness" how bad is this?

    For the animation side of things I would connect the camcorder to my pc for live feed and grab the animation frames with software.
    5 I was wondering if the camcorder has auto power off after a while? If so, can this be stopped by leaving the tape draw ejected or something?
    6 For filming small objects I was wondering how close to objects the camcorder can focus and how precise the focus is using the joystick instead of a focus ring as some cams have.
    7 If the camcorder loses power or is switched off, will the focus need to be re-adjusted or will it save the focus settings for next time?

    If anyone can answer any of these or maybe reccommend a similar priced, better cam for me, available in the u.k, it will be a big help.


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    hi Redmurunga,

    i bought a panasonic nv gs 180 in november 2006. and i'm quite happy, by now, with it's performance. yet i have only used it a couple of times.

    this camera has 3 ccds, as you must know, and you will see the diference. when filming with good natural light the results are great. but when filming at night you will be disapointed... i was very disapointed with it's quality under low lighting.

    if wou use artificial lights the results will improve a lot.

    the loss in video quality while recording in 16:9 isn't the most problem. it has just a small loss in quality.

    the camera has auto powrer off but that featuring can be disabled.

    it has a 10x zoom. it has a very good focus precision but the small joystick requires some practice until you get used to it's sensibility. and as you set a focus distance it will remain as long as you don't set the camera in automatic mode.

    so, in general i'm quite happy with this camera.. it works for my porposes by now. however if it was today i would save some more money and try to buy a better camera. but thats just my opinion...

    hope this help you in some way, and i'm sorry for my english but i'm not a natural born english speaker...


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