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    Hope you can take some time to watch a music video me and my friend made for his final major degree project:

    The song aint really my bag, but hey!

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    the sond was very slow and the lead singer had as much charisma as a man with no charisma.... but the video was very nice!

    shots were very well thought out with a clear story line. the shot seperating the band playing and the drama was spot on.
    i loved the period look with a slight modern twit - thats really my kind of thing! the colour of the piece were well chosen.

    overall i bloody loved it, if you cant tell! i think the song lets it down due to the very slow pace but that aside it was great.

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    I saw them live afterwards and they were obviously a bit more into it, I think during the filming they were all a bit bored, the actual performance took from 9am-9pm to film so 12 hours in a black room got a bit depressing haha.

    It was my first go at some decent colour grading and I think it looks cool, and I especialy like the out door scenes, personaly haha.

    Cheers for feedback

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    I'm very, very impressed with the filming, editing and production generally. (The music is a bit depressing for my taste and the singer could do with a personality implant but that's another story).

    All in all... t'riffic.

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    They did have some more upbeat songs, but that one got picked because it was the only one they had studio recorded and it's slower nature meant the footage was a bit easier to edit together, I suppose. Plus, lyricaly, there was alot going on that a story within our means could be suited to!

    I'd like to do something funkier next

    P.S. Sorry for the wrong placement, I didn't notice this catagory haha.

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    the drummer is a girl??? hated the song, loved the video.

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    very awesome video, looks like a real music video for like good charlotee or something,

    ugly band though with ugly music

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    Well..the video was very well made.

    I loved the song, good band thou, im not this kind of music listener.

    I would give 8.5/10 to this music video.
    Exellent stuff.

    Great work, keep up.

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