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Thread: an old joke maybe, but....

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    Default an old joke maybe, but....

    Someone had to film it.

    Each year my video club splits into groups to film and edit a video in 2 1/2 hours, then show it to the club members by 9.30. We can have any number of rehearsals, but the film shown has to be done on the night. The 'one evening' bit is pointless in some ways, but it does concentrate the mind!!

    The theme was 'a dream come true'. This version has some post production added, and was entered in the IAC affiliated clubs North v South competition 2007, which had the same theme.

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    That was really good, it was filmed well and edited well. and very funny. Ita amazing what can be done in a few short hours.

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    Considering the time restraints - Nice work Gillian. Though the original (if there is such a thing) gag ended with "what do you get for a rib?, leaving the imagination to do the rest. Cutting it that much shorter would have had heaps more impact as well. I Liked the structure, especially the 'God' like voice tweak.
    Amazing what can be achieved when you're pushed though - how did you manage to get the crew over into someone's lounge with so little time?


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