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Thread: canon mvx350i lost oc connection

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    Default canon mvx350i lost oc connection

    my mvx350i is no longer recognised by my pc

    it all worked fine up until I too the camera away for a few days earlier in the month. Now when I try and connect either as a camera or vcr I get nothing - no indication of a connection in devive manager or task bar.

    when the camera is in vcr mode it flashes "dv in" on the display when I connect the lead. I can't remember if this ever showed "dv out" and there's no mention in the manual

    I have tried on two pc's and with two firewire leads. I have verified firewire port on the pc's work using my ipod.

    any insight into this?

    I have also tried removing the small battery to reset the internal memory and this made no difference.

    aside from this the camera is working perfectly and will connect via usb but what use is that?

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    Seems like the camera is detecting the PC, but not the other way round.

    Have you tried connecting in camera mode? Just curious. XP should show the camera in My Computer/Windows Explorer and even display what the camera is pointing at within the My Computer/Windows Explorer window.

    If Windows won't detect your camera it may be due to a fried firewire port on your camera. Could you borrow another camera to see if you PC detects that one OK? If it does, then I think that would confirm camera failure.

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    yes, I suspect the cameras firewire port is the problem

    no response when connected in camera or vcr mode

    I will try and get hold of another camera to check (I'll probably need one anyway to transfer my tapes if the firewire on the mvx350i has gone - probably cheaper than trying to get it fixed)

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