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    Hey All,

    I'm new here and was just wondering if anyone has any advice when it comes to adding Flash animations to a DVD. I want a DVD with a few videos on it and also a whole bunch of Flash animations. They can all be considered seperate chapters(?) but when I export my Flash to avi / mov format it looks awful. Someone recommended Director but it's a bit of a pricey bit of kit if it doesn't work...

    Anyone help?

    Thanks very much


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    Can you define "looks awful" a bit better please.

    I wonder if this is a simple case of bad resolution for DVD. What are the dimensions of your animations? If they are smaller than the resolution expected fro your DVD format (PAL or NTSC) then it certainly won't look its best.

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    Basically the Flash animation is 720 by 576 which I believe is the pal standard. When I export from Flash using the different codecs I either end up with a very pixelated animation, a crisp animation that stutters as though the framerates are not compatible with video (fps=25) or a combination of the two.

    I don't really know much about framerates in video so I took a guess at 25fps.



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    What are you using to export them to avi/mov?

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    Just the run-of-the-mill Flash "Export Movie..." function.

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    I've done this before exporting as an swf from flash then converting into a .mov file in FCP,

    Taking an SWF and converting it into dv or your format of choice does make the image look more pixelated because it's not affected by the vector smoothing that it would be in a flash player, which smooths out the shapes and hides any pixelation.

    Have you watched any back on a tv yet?

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    Not had chance to test it on a TV yet but I can only imagine it looking worse than on a monitor.

    I don't actually have access to FCP I use Premiere. Does Premiere have a function to import and convert .swf files? Or what about After Effects? The thing is I'm doing the video aspect of this project and we have a web designer who is constructing all of the flash animation stuff so completely redoing the graphics in Director would take too long.



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    I was looking through the archives another forum. I found something that might be interesting to you.

    Is there any way to convert flash to high quality AVI? - FlashMove Forum

    I think I was only 10 when I posted that so I sound really stupid. But some other people posted interesting stuff.
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