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Thread: .st6x to MPG?

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    I downloaded a video file from my wifes camcorder straight to a DVD using Pinnacle Studio. I then downloaded the same file to my computer and edited it using Pinnacle Studio where it finished up in my Pinnacle Studio Projects folder as a .stx file and I have not been able to move the finished result to a DVD.
    I now understand that .stx file are not video files but a set of instructions that only Pinnacle can understand and that I should have rendered the video using Pinnacle to then burn that to a DVD.

    Bearing in mind that all I have is the .stx file does that mean that I have to start the capturing and editing process all over again or is it possible to change the status of the file from .stx to MPG and then get Pinnacle Studio to burn it to a DVD?

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    I guess that the lack of response means that no one on this forum has any knowledge of Pinnacle Studio 10.6


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