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Thread: what encoder to use for DVD playback/authoring ?

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    Default what encoder to use for DVD playback/authoring ?

    I have to add the title of a production company to the beginning of a film. I received a dvd of the film, and I am going to export the VOB file ( from the dvd ) to Final Cut Pro or After Effects....

    I want to know if anyone can give some insight on how to preserve the movie quality... I have done this before and there were problems with the quality of encoding.
    this film is going to festivals , theatres etc ....

    I need to preserve quality, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    What procedure would you recommend ?

    I plann on usng FFMpeg to decode the VOB file then import to FCP or AE then export and master as DVD. when exporting which encoder is best ?

    I am thinking of buying at least the MPEG-2 Playback Component .....

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    Respectfully, I would classify the task at hand as an 'edit' to the movie. As such, why are you working with a DVD cut? You should be provided with the real 'source' project so you can add your title to it properly. Once done, export the new copy of the movie and plug that into your DVD authoring project previously used on the original DVD.

    Anything else will, of course, degrade the quality to some extent.

    If it's going to festivals and the like it really should be done properly. I hope you'll agree.

    What you're being asked to do is analogous to taking a good photo on a digital camera, printing it on an inkjet and then scanning that back in for further editting. You wouldn't would you? You would apply changes to the original.

    Of course, if you can't then you are stuck with encoding the VOB file back to an edittabel format. Doing further edits. Export and rebuilding the DVD. If you don't have the origional project and/or menus for that availabel then you'll be doing that from scratch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coreydeep View Post
    I have to add the title of a production company to the beginning of a film
    A production company incapable of adding a title?

    ...send them the title and let them do it...

    otherwise it just sounds a bit suss... this is the sort of thing video pirates do..

    But anyway, if you have FCP you could create a DVDSP project and add the title as a chapter to play before the main track, so the main video wouldn't need to touch FC.

    FFMpeg is annoying, I'd use handbreak. (But only if you have permission from the copyright owner!)

    I agree with Alan on the quality thing though! It can only get worse doing it this way, you should never compress/convert a video more than you need to.

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