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Thread: How to Make DVD with language selection option from remote???

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    Smile How to Make DVD with language selection option from remote???

    Dear Friends... Right now i am working on one DVD Project.

    1) Editing Video on Adobe Premeire Pro 2.0 and using Adobe Encore DVD 2 as a DVD authoring tools.
    2) I have to make three languages option for the viewer.
    3) I have almost done the subtitles of two language in Adobe Premeire Pro 2 but got stuck with the Adobe Encore DVD 2.
    4) I am unable to export all the subtitles from Premeire to Encore.

    Can anyone help me to solve this problem...????

    I will be verymuch thankfull for your advice or the tips.

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    Subtitles should be done in Encore not in Premiere.

    I've done multi soundtracks (i.e. director's commentary type stuff) in Encore 2 but never done any subtitles at all so can't help with the how-tos on that. sorry. I can help with linking and changing soundtrack if you need that though. Just ask. I promise I won't just point to the right page in the manual either.

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