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Thread: Replacement PC for Premier Pro

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    Things are taking too long with my old PC (5 years old), 0.5M RAM and 1.67 GHz processor.

    I did see this spec, but it offers Windows Media Centre and I would still like to do normal stuf
    on my PC(e-mails, Programming, Word etc), not just Premier Pro video editing.

    Any comments please.


    PC, EMACHINE, E4038
    Capacity, hard drive:200GB
    Capacity, memory:1GB
    Colour:Silver and Black
    Depth, external:405mm
    Drive typesVD RW DL
    Graphics card type:nVIDIA GeForce 6200
    Kit contents:PC, keyboard, speakers, scroll mouse, remote control, infra-red receiver, extender, aerial lead and UK IEC mains lead, modem lead, audio lead and startup guide
    Length / Height, external:368mm
    Operating system software:Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005
    Ports, No. of:Front connections: Mic, headphones, CF/MD, SD/MMC/SM/MS/MS-PRO, and USB - Rear connections: Mic, headphones, line in, 4x USB, RJ45, parallel, 2x PS/2, VGA, 2x RJ11, S-VHS input, video input, audio input, TV aerial and FM aerial
    Processor speed:3.06GHz
    Processor type:Intel P4 524
    Refurbish comments:Manufacturer refurbished with 12 months warranty
    Width, external:180mm

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    Looka slike it'll do the job. I edit on a spec not too dissimilar. I've added some more RAM (relatively) recently though.

    For video editting you'll need another disk drive. Keep one drive for the OS and s/w and one for video and premiere proiects.

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    May have missed it on reading but...whats the be honest I had an emachine a few years back and it get what you paid for...wonder why this one is "refurbished"...I've changed to Dell completely now and they do some pretty hi spec units....we currently have 2 desktops and 2 laptops from them...there are bargains out there...and sometimes price shouldn't really be the governing factor...

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    The price was 351.32 including VAT.

    With all the hassle of putting on all the softwrae don't want to have problems with the build and sending it back.

    Thanks for the info.


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