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    guys, I know none of you may know me, or may decide to just skim right over my topic, but I plead with great humbility for anyone's help. I have long been using Window's Movie Maker to the best of my ability for over 2 years now, and have had several problems with it. But recently, I have encountered the most ridiculous error on one of my most important videos I may have ever chosen to make. I saved the project a couple of times as I progressed work on it, but one day I just worked a whole lot and didn't save it (a personal problem I keep forgetting) and received the following message after attempting to save it:

    'Windows Movie Maker cannot save the movie to the specified location. Verify that the original source files used in your movie are still available, that the saving location is still available, and that there is enough free disk space available, and then try again.'

    Im often haphazard and rash, but I am not completely stupid: my saving destination is my desktop, I see NO red 'x's on my media being used, and have nearly 125 gig's left on my drive. Please someone kindly tell me what the hell is going on here. I would be infinitely thankful for any thoughtful assistance. Thanks so much for at least reading, peace.

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    Not sure what the problem is. Have you tried saving to a different location?

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    yes! I have! and you would still think that saving at a desktop would rid the problem haha! But I am so lost and angry, what do I do with this project?! What can I do what can I do..

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