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Thread: making the volume level even

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    Default making the volume level even

    I'm using Premiere Pro and Encore 1.5. However, I would like to make the audio streams even so that the audience doesn't have to up or lower the volume level. Is there a software or easy way to do this so that I don't do too much damage to the audio/video files that I can't import them into Encore?

    I've tried using VirtualDubMod and MP3Gain as suggested by, but it seems the software doesn't like the .prproj files. I've tried converting the files to regular AVI, but according to Encore it won't import those files. Am I doing something wrong or please, please, I would appreciate any suggestions.

    My ultimate goal is to burn the files onto DVD so that I can share them with the family.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hey there. First, I think you'd want to right-click the clip and choose 'unlink video and audio' (or something to that effect). Then you can export only the audio portion of the clip to work with it. Those (I believe) are audio programs you're trying to work with, and they won't accept a Premiere file.

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    In premiere there is never an easy way to do things, that's why it's a professional programm

    You can keyframe the clip or track volume by selecting that option on the leftside of the audiotrack (show clip or trackkeyframes) and then you can adjust the volume level on a specific point.

    Mp3gain is mainly used if you have a whole collection of mp3's and you want the audio level of all of them at the same level but it doens't change one specific part of one mp3 which is too loud, it does change the audio level on the whole clip.
    .prproj files are not audio files but project files, here premiere saves all the editing references you make.

    Maybe you should start of with programs like magix videodeluxe, pinnacle studio or premiere elements since based on your questions the pro en encore version are a bit too much for you I'm afraid.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for all your imput. I think I use both of your suggestions. I know how to Unlink the audio and video clips but I will try to figure out MP3 and see what I can do. After reading some more about Premiere, it appears to be a program that I really want to play with. Studio is just too easy for me.

    Once again, thanks for all your suggestions

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    Also, remember that the dynamic range of audio on DVD is greater than that on a normal CD. As a resutl you will typically find that DVD movies play a little more quietly than you might at first expect. i.e. watch TV and set your volume control to 'normal'. Put in a DVD and you have to increase the volume to get the same level of 'noise' out.

    If you are this much interested in getting your audio correct then you should maybe invest (or at least try out a demo or two) of soem audio editting s/w. I use Adobe Audition and do all my audio tweaking in there. Once I get things how I want them I typically then just normalise the entire thing to about -6dB to get the levels I;m looking for.

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    I really appreciate your advice. Yes, as obvious I'm a new user to the CS2 suite. But heck, that's what this forum is all about. Now for the silly question.

    I have video clips of the family and I changed some of the ramblings of the family voices to music using MP3. However, I've also shorten some of the songs and maybe on the same timeline the next audio clip is voices of the kids. Which in my case makes the music loud and then the voices lower and then loud music.

    I know when I import audio into Premiere I've import the whole song and then on the timeline, I've done the editing. Oh, and I've unlinked the audio and video. So now comes the question, how do I export just the audio that I've edited only, change the format and what is the best file format to use - so that I can use Audition and then reimport it back into Premiere so that I can export it into Encore.

    Am I doing this the hard way? Any suggestion is quite okay with me.

    As you can tell, I would like to use the whole suite. Thanks, learning this stuff is exciting.


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    Hey - I figured it out!!! Works great and very simple. Adobe has done a wonderful job of being able to import/export features of various clips to each of its software. But just out of curiousity - what's the difference between exporting the audio into Audition and then normalizing it vs doing an Audio Gain --> Normailze in Premire?

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