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Thread: Question on TV Tuner and video input ports

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    Default Question on TV Tuner and video input ports

    I am customizing a Gateway system DX430X. You have the option of getting a tv tuner with it. If you do get the tuner, they say you also get front video ports on the tower. My question is, what are these ports used for and do they serve a different purpose from the firewire ports that are already on the front of the tower?
    Their website say's the following...
    Optional Front Video Ports
    "Easily transfer video from camcorders and other devices with handy video input ports at the front of the PC, when upgraded to an optional TV tuner."

    Thank you!

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    The video ports will allow you to connect a VCR up them and record your old material to disk, so basically an Analogue input.

    the fire wire is for most Camcorders and is a digital interface, can also be used for hard drives and networking

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