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Thread: HELP:::need help n assistance in which program to purchase!!

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    Default HELP:::need help n assistance in which program to purchase!!

    im looking for a program which will alow me to edit a video file in such way so that i can reduce the resolution without affecting the ratio of the video... if that makes sense. what im trying to say is as follows...

    resolution 320X240
    ratio is 320:240 or 1:0.75

    want to make this in to a video size of qcif
    resolution 176X144
    now i know that the ratio for this is 176:144 or 0.8181..

    if i was to reduce the video so not to have any stretching or squishing effect i convert it to 176x132 (ratio is 176:132 or 1:0.75 same as original). but the problem lays that i want 176x144 so i am basically looking for something which will let me reduce 320x240 to 176x132 then add 6pixels on either site of the height to make it 176x144 without the "squishing" effect happening.

    sorry my explanation wasnt too good. hope someone can help me...

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    You can do this in VirtualDub. Download it, have a stab, if you run into problems, I'll tell you how.
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