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Thread: Twixtor & Fieldskit help please!

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    Default Twixtor & Fieldskit help please!

    Hi, Im struggling with the basic order-of-operations when it comes to using these two plug-ins together. Ive created a video with many slowmotion clips of fast moving cars. Ive got twixtor tuned pretty close to what I want but it didnt look like what I thought it could so I got Fieldskit to de-interlace before twixtor does its magic.

    What Im not understanding is the order of applying the two plug-ins and what should be done between.

    I already created the entire project with clips before I even heard of these two plug-ins and now I want to add them in. What should the fields be set to when starting the project? I have it set to lower fields first for the entire project and each clip set to none. Is this correct?

    Do I need to apply Fieldskit de-interlacer and then export the clip or can I apply both plug-ins to a clip and then render........
    Ugh Im lost and I have not found a real tutorial that helps, even the one that came with Twixtor. They all assume you know this information and unfortunately I dont:(

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    I would deinterlace the clips first and then apply the slo-mo.

    Both slo-mo and resizing have horrible effects on interlaced footage.

    I know nothing about fieldskit but try deinterlacing and exporting a short clip and then import it in to the a new sequence add the slo-mo and export then just export a clip with both applied and compare results.
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