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Thread: Sony DCRHC 45E vs JVC GR-D760 (widescreen vs 4:3)

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    Cool Sony DCRHC 45E vs JVC GR-D760 (widescreen vs 4:3)

    Sorry to come straight in with a question but I'm wondering if anyone with experience of either of these cam-corders (pref both) has any info on which is the best purchase.

    The Cams:
    • Sony DCRHC 45E (a rebadged DCRH37 + handycam station the only difference?)
    • JVC GR-D760E (widescreen)
    My Requirements:
    • Decent quality picture in mostly good lighting conditions
    • Pref Widescreen (pref real 16:9) if quality doesn't suffer
    • Manual adjustment of exposure, focus, basically as much as possible
    • Firewire connection
    • Decent battery life
    • Reliability (durability)
    • Connectivity to PC for editing
    • Not bothered about special gimmicks/fades/effects - will be edited on PC
    • Not bothered about STILL shots because they can't compete with my digital camera at this price
    I'm aware the above two models belong to the 'cheap' consumer end of the market but I want a cheap camera that I don't have to worry about too much when on holiday etc, but at the same time I don't want it's recording's to look like rubbish.

    The JVC is slightly cheaper than the Sony but I know that doesn't mean the Sony is better in all areas, However I am aware of JVC's shortcommings (low light filming? redish hue to recordings?).

    Basically if anyone can share any info on either of the above two models then please do. If they are both rubbish then let me know.

    I also notice a wide range of Samsung models but these don't seem as highly regarded (more cheaply korean built compared to their Japanese peers?).

    And while the JVC 340 (another JVC option)/Sony 45e are not widescreen (afaik) is there something in the 340/45e that boosts it's quality over the 760's widescreen, whereby passing up on widescreen would be worth it for better quality on either of the 4:3 models?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    It seems that JVC brought back the 3DNR - 3-Dimension Noise Reduction - for the latest models which previously had good reviews for low lighting conditions, so the poor low light seems to not be an issue on the 760.

    Overall i'm leaning towards the JVC but any advice is most welcome (even from any other JVC GR + 3DNR users, not specifically the 760 which is still quite new I believe).


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    no one?

    The JVC looks pretty sweet anyway, all i've managed to find is reviews for US version(s) inc the next model up the 770 (which only has DV in extra over the 760) and they seem decent reviews except for one about "pale colours" but this could be user error or high expectations.

    still feel free to chip in if you have any experience on these new JVC models (GR) or the sony.

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