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Thread: need help please new to vid editing

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    Default need help please new to vid editing

    Ok so I play drums and I am trying to make videos of me playing, I have a 4 track recorder and a camera...I recorded myself on the 4track and camera at the same time...but when i try to edit my video the sound doesnt match up at all with the video even tho its the same exact thing...what i have to do is make the video start earlier in the beginning then it is dead on towards the middle and LATE at the end...i dont get it....what could be the problem?

    btw im using cyberlinks power director

    check out this to see exactly what im talkin bout...i cant get it to match up even tho what im playing in the video is the SAME as what i recorded..=[
    MySpace Videos: sound wouldnt match up =[ by Jason Lambert™

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    Try recording with the same audio settings as the camera (if you aren't already) If it is a mini DV cam then a 12/16 bit 48000hz .wav file should sync nicely.

    If you are using audio software try converting to the settings above before importing in to power director.

    Even though the audio is a different length sync up the start and then stretch or shrink the video or audio to fit.
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