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Thread: my trv355e firewire help

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    Arrow my trv355e firewire help


    i've got an trv355e sony camcorder and i was wondering the dv or the firewire when you capture it on computer does it capture in a high quality mode more good then the usb.

    the firewire when i buy it can i use the cable with camcorder or i sould buy one from the sony company?

    please replay fast

    and thanks

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    Hi, firewire is the way to go with DV. you can use any firewire cable and any usb port. but just use it.

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    does it capture in a high quality mode?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abdulla View Post
    does it capture in a high quality mode?
    Yes it does.

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    Hi, I had the same problem with my camcorder, I found some help how to troubleshoot it in a great tech support site.

    Here is the page for Sony TRV355 Support

    Good luck


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