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Thread: My videos won't play???

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    Angry My videos won't play???

    I just got Vegas 6.0 I am currently trying to import images music and videos into the timeline. Everything was working fine until I tried to put in videos. I have videos from (3) digital cameras and none of these video clips will go into the timeline right. The only thing that plays is the audio. I also own a Tony Hawk Helmet cam so I tried to import one of these movies to see if it would work and it does. These files are avi clips with an avi.sfk extension file. My other video clips are just avi. So I imported one of the digital camera movies into the Tony Hawk program and then exported it back out and it had an AVI.SFK extension file and went right into the timeline and worked right. Not only would this be a pain but there has to be an easier way to fix this problem for all of my video clips and I think I am just overlooking this problem. Can anyone HELP ME!!!!

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    The .SFK is made by Vegas and is normally the picture of the audio, any audio used in the time line and you get a .SFK file

    I am guessing the videos will not play because of a lack of codec.

    try the SUPER C program to convert to one it will let you play

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    Are the cameras all DV cameras, if so you might need to install the dv codec.
    Download here; : Download Panasonic DV Codec : Play and import DV video with any tool. The Panasonic VFW DV codec works perfect with Virtualdub

    If they are video from a stills camera you might need other harder to find codecs.

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