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    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone here can offer some advice on licenses for Adobe products (Specificaly, Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects).

    We are hopefully setting up a small business in the next few weeks with funding support from our local council. The funding is given on the understanding that we must spend a few hours a week training young people who frequent youth centres on how to use the equipment and software to create their own productions. The rest of the time we are free to use the software and hardware to work on our own independant productions (corporate videos, wedding videos, etc.)

    We will have a few computers to install software on (Premiere and Photoshop at least, and hopefully After Effects) and I'm trying to do a little research on the best way to buy this software and obtain licenses to install on multiple machines. Does the fact we will be using the software to teach occasionaly offer us any educational discount, etc?

    I hope someone can point me in the right direction - the licensing section of the Adobe website is confusing!

    Thanks alot,


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    Um, don't you mean you are an educational group offering facilities for unemployed school leavers and pre college students organised and run by local authorities.
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    To an extent, however it isn't organised and run by local authorities, if that were the case they'd be sorting the hardware/software and neccesary licenses for us. They give us the money and we do a quaterly report. As I said, I'm just trying to figure out what particular licenses we need for the afore mentioned software to be installed on multiple PC's so that we can use it on independant projects and so we can teach the youths how to use it on their own projects, too.


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