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    Well, where to start?

    I got a ned DV cam today, Panasonic NV-DS30B with DV in.

    I had the intention of making use of the DV in. Unfortunatley, I am struggling.

    I am using Adobe Premiere PRO 7, and the capture card is the pinnacle studio DV 9 card.

    What happens is:

    When in premiere, the camera is fine to record from (capture), but does not output through DV. When I'm on a single point on the timeline, the single frame is transfered, and stays on for a while, but occassionaly dissapears, then reappears. When i play the arrangement, it shows fine on the PC preview window, but you only get the occassional frame showing on the Camera. when I record to DV, I get the occassional few frames, and maybe a fade of two.


    It was worse... untill i uninstalled norton...

    Could a bit of KODAK software I have running cause this? I cannot shut it down, it just reopens (CTRL ALT DEL)


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    I have ruled out Kodak software, it still does it when I take it out.

    if I'm in premiere, I can get a decent still, but when i minimise the programme, I loose it.

    I THINK this is happening when the PC is under load... what could cause this?[/code]

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