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Thread: the begining of my first vid made on vegas

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    Default the begining of my first vid made on vegas

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    what do u think?

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    The compression makes it hard to watch, at least I hope its the compression, Also you used way to many effects and transisions, Just because vegas has 100+ effects dose not mean you have to use them all. With that being said and this being your first, its not too bad, As you get to no the program you'll get better.

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    During the titles I would have left the bike sounds in the background, the audio stop and starting was a bit abrupt (or maybe faded them in/out).

    To many bright colors as well, but it looked like you got some good footage with some good angles.
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    a good start man you can only get better, if i was you i would have chosen one colour for the text and only used one font style throughout the video, other wise good job.

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    Less is usually more with editing. Each effect should add something, it should be there for a reason; too much whizz bang and the video can just look messy.#

    The MOST important thing in any video is the quality of the shots used. You had some great shots but many were shaky and uninvolving. I really liked the slo mo shot near the end tho.

    Also think about beginning-middle-end (this is a hobby horse of mine).... Any video will be more involving if it tells a story, even a very simple one.

    For example, this could have been structured like this,

    Show woods, show jumps, hear bike, bike into camera, shots of engine, hand on throttle, exhaust close up, shot of face of rider, heads to jumps, then shots of the best jumps, bike into camera, smiling face. Get may drift?

    When people get into editing it is often tempting to go all jazzy with effects and forget the basic rules of good contruction. You clearly have the knack of using the editor and thats great but maybe you need to step back and create a bit if suspense.

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