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Thread: Impossible to encode using Codecs?

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    Default Impossible to encode using Codecs?

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I'm somewhat new at this, but have had ZERO luck getting this to work, or finding out if it's even possible.

    I have several AVI files that have been encoded with various codecs such as XVID and DIVX that I want to convert to a DVD. However no matter which software I try, most of them will NOT load or recognize them. Yet the files are good.. I can play them using Windows Media, and I was able to use Nero to burn a VCD (but when I tried creating a DVD it gave an error). I downloaded a bunch of encoding programs, from TMPGE to AVI2MPEG (about 6 or 7 maybe), and none of them wanted to load these files. I tried my built-in Sony "Click 2 DVD" ,but the same thing (it didn't want to load the AVI files compressed with these codecs.. said something like "unavailable".

    Then I tried using a program called "Virtual Dub", and ITS error message finally made some sense: it said "Error, requires a Video For Windows compatible codec to decompress video. Direct Show Codecs, such as those used by Windows Media Player, are not suitable."

    Ok... so is there ANY WAY to convert these AVI files to DVD then, if they were compressed using (for instance) XVID codec? It's a simple question, but I can't find any answers.

    Actually, it must be possible somehow, because I've seen people selling (illegally) DVD versions of these files on ebay onto DVD (the files are fansubs for personal use only, not to be sold for profit). Again, I can view them using Windows Media, but none of the programs that handle or deal with AVI files seems to be able to deal with them since they used codecs like XVID and DIVX.

    Please help. How can I get around this? Is there a simple solution? Can I "wash" these through a program that will recognize these codecs to re-save it or something? There has to be some way to do it! Running XP, Sony Vaio desktop, relatively new. Oh man, I hope someone here can offer a suggestion... :()

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    You may have some luck if you download and install the ffdshow codec.

    You should also ensure you're using the lastest available codecs.
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