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    I am running a corporate video production house in Singapore, Visualise Media

    Singapore is a small market for corporate video production, and it may not be easy to find reliable video production houses here.

    However, there are a lot of video crew freelancers who can help a lot in video production here. The trouble is finding the right ones. I have been held up in my productions by a freelancer not turning up at the last minute.

    If you ever require video production services when you are in Singapore, it does help to get a local video production house to guide you along the way, rent equipment and get you contacts for freelance crew, talents, voiceovers, audio studio recordings, filming permits, makeup, and even vehicles.

    These preparations before the filming trip might save you days on location, and would definitely ensure you keep to your schedule and lower your costs.

    I have filmed for PTG TV (USA), as well as covered events like the Asian Aerospace for overseas clients too.

    Do feel free to contact me if you need help, and I will see what I can do.

    All the best in your video productions.
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    I likewise have a Television Production and Corporate Video Production Company in Singapore called Hurrah Productions.

    We already have an established client base for both Corporate Video and Television Production services. Simply click on one of the inks above to see and learn more about what it is we do and in more detail. Through just viewing our portfolio page you should be able to gain a greater idea of the work we produce and who we work with and for.

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