Hey, i have mega issues with ym camcorder. Well its Sony DCR-TRV270e digital 8 and i basicaly un usable know for unknown reasons.

It seems to of all started when the the heads got dirty, It ate my tapes and stuff so i didnt have any left. I cleaned them and it all seemed to work alrite, i didnt have any tapes so i didnt try to record or anything.

Once i got some i get some recording and it seemed fine. Until i took it home. I used USB to capture my videos, i plug it all in but the computer couldnt find my camera, try to capture using movie maker and it just said no device found. I try the cable on a other device and it worked fine, it must of been my usb port.

I did some research and decide that now my usb seems to be dead, ill in vest in a firewire cable and firewire port for my pc. And to my shock this also didnt work, i cant see how dirty heads on my camcorder have killed both my USB and Firewire port.

Has any1 every had this problem or similair, can anyone offer me any help?