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Thread: Some issues with 23.98fps material..

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    Default Some issues with 23.98fps material..

    Hey all, hoping to find some answers here as its getting quite frustrating now..

    So I shot some footage with a JVC GY-HD101 camera and captured it into Premiere. Now, one weird thing I noticed was that the framerate of my footage is 23.98. I thought I had set it up correctly since I live in Sweden and we have PAL system here..but seems not

    Ok, but 23.98fps means it's NTSC correct? The framesize however is 1280x720 which I presume means it's 720p HD?

    So now, I guess I want to convert this into PAL, and I have tried some various guides on how to do this, but with no bigger luck yet. To me it seems that the framesize and the framerate are like ying and yang. For creating a PAL DVD, 1280x720 is perfectly fine (since it doesnt lose its 16:9 look if I convert it to 720x576) - but the framerate is off since its NTSC. My DVD-building programs won't even let me import something that isn't 25fps.

    But if I wanted to create a NTSC DVD for some reason, the framerate is fine, but the framesize gets all wrong then as NTSC DVD wants 720x480 ?

    So basically, what can I do to save this footage and create a PAL DVD with correct settings? I tried to create a mpeg-2 with 720x576 and force it to use 25fps using that Adobe Media Encoder in Premiere (Also used widescreen 16:9 - 1.422) - and while the material looked "ok", it seemed a bit off since it's adding an extra frame I guess?

    Help is so much appreciated, even if it's just answering some of my newbie questions mentioned above.

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    I don't have one of these but according to the spec sheet for the camera:

    "HD recording in HDV1 format 720p/25, /24 or /30 to either or both Mini DV tape and optional hard disk drive"

    I would guess you have shot the video in 24 (or 23.98 fps "film mode" by mistake. NTSC territories use 30 (29.97) fps.

    BTW, 1280 x 720 is a digital HD format and is valid in both PAL and NTSC territories. This is a 720 line system. Don't confuse it with 720 x 576 (PAL) and 720 x 480 (NTSC) SD DV standards which are 576 and 480 lines respectively.

    If you want to use the footage on a PAL DVD, you will have to convert to 25 fps as you have already done but you will get some frame replication. The best solution would be to reshoot the video at 25 fps.


    Ian (my first post!)
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