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    I'll try and explain the best I can...

    I'm working with Elements 3.0. For this example, I'm using only two still images (jpeg). One as a background, one with a figure surrounded by green, which I eliminate with the green screen key.
    I have the figure in front gradually increase in size using motion.

    Now, with the 'figure' motion keys in place, I drop the green screen key on it, and as soon as I make a setting change, 'poof', the image (figure) is a good 200% larger than it should be (Im guessing, it's huge and rather random). Rendering doesn't help to get rid of whatever glitch this is.

    If I adjust the motion even slightly, it immediately shrinks to the proper size...but only on that particular frame. The rest of the famess are still bloated.

    I've had the same issue with a movie clip, but am currently working only with stills. It very much 'seems' to be related to the color keys, but I've no clue why? Or how to fix it. Very frustrating.

    I don't recall any such issue with 2.0, though I 'could' be mistaken. I fully uninstalled that before "upgrading" (kinda wish I hadnt now). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default slight update...

    Just to say that I attempted to use the chroma key as an alternative, and got the exact same results. Puzzling. It's defintely the color keys. If you even click the little 'eye' to turn off the individual effect (in this case green screen or chroma) the size returns to normal. Click again and it's monstrous.

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    Try clearing out the preview files that Premiere creates when it renders the timeline. Just thinking out loud but it may have just 'lost' the fact that a re-render is necessary.

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