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Thread: OK so heres a problem... Can you help?

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    Thumbs up OK so heres a problem... Can you help?

    OK guys, I'm pretty much stuck! Can you help?

    My university is holding a summer ball which will have 20 strategically placed video camera's, each recording video and feeding it back to a mainframe computer where they will be recorded as Movie files.

    As people leave the summer ball, they need to be able to come to the enquiry desk where they can (if they wish) purchase one of the video's that has been recorded. As they place the order, an operative needs to be able to quickly (and easily!) burn a DVD with:

    a) Opening Credits (which will be premade)
    b) The video itself that they want
    c) Closing Credits.

    Can anyone help me with the following issues!

    1) Is there a long range wireless video transmission system that can be used to save having to use wiring and/or booster cables?

    2) What is the best software to use on the mainframe computer to collect and record all of these video's at the same time?

    3) What is the best, quickest and easiest method for the operative(s) at the enquiry desk to quickly, easily - but more so quickly (!) record two prestored video's with the newly recorded video inbetween?

    Each video feed is approx 45 minute long. No equipment / software has been purchased yet, but our budget is 10,000.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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    Is there some reason why everyone has to be given a DVD as soon as they leave the ball? Anyone who leaves a wedding, concert or other event has to wait usually a week or two before a finished version of the event is available. They only get the edited version which means only the highlights are shown, it's not meant to be a minute by minute recording. Most peoples attention span starts to wane after twenty minutes, I can't imagine anyone wanting to sit through a two or three hour video. Videos need to be edited, and then the time needed to render the files and burn them to DVD means you can't produce DVD's within minutes of someone deciding they want to leave the event.

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    To get the good bits only you would need something bigger than a live broadcast suite, You will need serious manpower as well as realtime hardware, even a realtime mixer is no good to you as you will have to keep an eye on 20 cameras and when you see stuff happening and you cut to that camera , it's gone or you only get half.

    A team of editors at least 1 for each camera to filter the good bits from the crap as it comes in, these clips then passed on to another set of editors compiling it all and adding it to the final DVD then at a pre-determined cut off point the discs can be burnt ready for delivery to the ballroom.

    Realtime mpeg-DVD encoding

    You have never done this before and only have 10,000 pretty much impossible I would say. cut down the amount of cameras and there maybe a way, but you will still need many editing PCs and manpower.

    The other factor is are the punters going to stand around and wait for a DVD to burn, you would need to burn in advance.

    Take the cash on the night, edit Sunday, tell them they can have the disc Monday.
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    B&H photo has transmitters, I don't have the catalog in front of me but you can check their website under brodcast video.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    I'd have to agree with comments above. No way would I want 3 hours of uneditted footage to watch. Also, I'll be damned if I want to leave the party to find a queue of 20 people ahead of me all waiting for their DVD and I have to wait 20 lots of 8 minutes burn time for my copy.

    I think you should record on the night. Edit over the next day or so and then burn the disks for delivery.

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