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Thread: buying a capture card?

  1. Default buying a capture card?

    I am wanting to convert my VHS videos into DVD Video.

    What capture card would you reccommend?

    I tried the KWorld DVD USB 2.0 Maker already, and was not impressed. The software blue-screened my laptop so many times, and also the capture itself was not good.

    Any ideas? I heard Haupage was good but don't have much idea?

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    If your on a budget you can try the dazzle its made by pinnacle so beware, also ati all in wonder or a breakout box.

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    Go for a converter unit like the canopus ADVC range or the datavideo DAC box. More expensive than a capture card but some much less fuss and my ADVC300 has been 100% reliable.

    They give you DV-AVI video which is easy to edit and convert for DVD.
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